Pre-Moving Cleaning

You surely need your new house being wiped before you move in. Imagine, moving in into a new house full of dusts waiting it to be cleaned, but doesn’t have enough manpower to do it. Surely it would be less comfortable. Everyone who have just moved in do faced trouble of cleaning their house, as they may face difficulties to clean the house if there`s only two or three people doing the job.

To add more, a new house contains dust and dirt carried tends to cumulate in the house as nobody lives there to clean it. Pay no worry as we can help having your new house cleaned at every inch of it!

Job Specifications

Flexible & fully customisable, sessions can be tailored to your requirements and needs.
Terms and conditions apply


Pre-Moving Cleaning Packages

600sq feet


601-800sq feet


801-1000sq feet


1001-1200sq feet


1200-1500sq feet


1501-1700sq feet


1701-2000sq feet


2001-2500sq feet


2501-3000sq feet


Important Notes :

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays surcharge : $50 (Applicable to all packages)

Cleaning tools and Solution :

Cleaning tools and solution will be provided by Reliance Helper