Office Cleaning

To have a clean environment at your work place is very essential as it affects the reputation and the productivity or your organization. We are here to help you in achieving that as we provide great quality that you can trust as we truly understand your need.

Clean environment in a work place essential as it affects organizational efficiency. Unclean environment is not a pleasant place work in and to add things to misery, it can be disastrous! No one wants to work in an unpleasant environment as in will lower your motivation to work. Even the cleaner that you paid monthly couldn’t clean the piled dirt in your office.

Worry no more, we are here to clean your office as we provide great quality that you can trust.

Job Specifications


Weekly and one or more times a week or on a fortnight basis
Minimum of 3 hours per session


From $128 onwards
Inclusive of a 12 month guarantee period for 3 replacement of helpers

Hourly Rates

Weekdays from

$15 / hour

Weekends and Public Holidays from

$18 / hour

Cleaning tools and Solution :

To be provide by the office owner